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Pump control

Stainless steel switch housing available in various protection classes with different switch configurations

  • Clockwise/counterclockwise rotation

  • Reversible switch on/off

  • Emergency stop switch

  • Reset switch in combination with dry-run protection

  • The emergency stop main switch ensures a high level of safety for your employees


Housing heating-cooling, cover heating-cooling

The heating/cooling is used to maintain medium-specific temperatures of the pump. This ensures that your product can be processed properly to continue working.


Stainless steel cover hood.

Our cover hood protects the pump from splashing water and thus provides permanent all-round protection

Residue emptying

The residue emptying ensures complete emptying of the pump. The easy emptying supports the cleaning process.


Digital speed display

Die digitale Geschwindigkeitsanzeige bietet eine optimale Überwachung des Prozesses.  


Dry-run protection

The digital speed display provides optimal monitoring of the process. 


Brand-independent repair/maintenance of pumps

After a thorough inspection, our service team will provide you with a suitable offer. Just give us a call and we will arrange for the pickup of your pump. In addition, our qualified service technicians can perform maintenance on-site at your location.


This is particularly useful for very urgent cases to keep downtime to a minimum.

Do you have any questions?

Our team is always at your disposal

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