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Pumps in the confectionery industry

Chocolate, marzipan, waffle mixes, sugar masses, … the confectionery industry works with a wide variety of ingredients that are viscous, sticky, lumpy or shear-sensitive.

SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pumps are an essential part of the confectionery industry. Syrup, caramel, liquid chocolate or various other sugar-containing masses are conveyed gently and evenly. Well-known confectionery manufacturers benefit from the outstanding qualities of SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pumps.

The almost pulsation-free operating principle ensures a smooth conveying flow without any signs of foaming. The low shear forces and high suction force convey products very gently, without any relevance to viscosity. Energy consumption increases neither at low nor at high viscosity.


This guarantees high energy efficiency. The product enters the pump chamber without any kind of interruption or disturbance. This means that tanks or silos can be emptied much faster than compared to other positive displacement pumps.

An (optional) integrated housing heater allows products such as chocolate to be processed perfectly at controlled temperatures. A gentle, smooth flow maintains the stability of the products and ensures higher dosing accuracy. The SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pump can be designed to be ATEX compliant.


Any standard spare parts of the pump can be replaced by the operators of the plant themselves in no time, without having to remove the pump from the plant. In addition, all installed spare parts are FDA compliant and/or  EG 1935-2004 certified.


The nozzles can be adapted to the existing piping system. Replacement of wear parts is possible on site without having to disconnect the system piping from the pump. The direction of pump rotation can be adjusted clockwise or counterclockwise, providing 100% flexibility.

To ensure optimum efficiency and minimize energy costs as well as pump wear, the pump size must be precisely matched to the process requirements.


Benefit from our decades of experience and extensive know-how in the field of sinusoidal pumps and let our experts advise you

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