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Pumps in the food industry

The SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pump is powerful and extremely effective. Especially in the food sector, as gentle conveying must be ensured.

SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pumps convey products with sensitive, soft solids such as pieces of meat, vegetables or fruit. Likewise food products such as sauces, fruits, deli salads, convenience food, mayonnaises or similar without destroying them.

Due to the low shear forces, the products are conveyed gently and softly, without any kind of product degradation, thus ensuring the expected quality of the final product as well as a high output.

High conveying rates are possible even with fluids of high viscosity. Fluids with viscosities up to 9,000,000 cps can be conveyed without any difficulties. Energy consumption does not increase at low or high viscosity. This guarantees high energy efficiency.

The product enters the pump chamber without any kind of interruption or disturbance. This means that tanks or silos can be pumped empty much faster than compared to other positive displacement pumps.

The almost pulsation-free operating principle ensures a smooth pumping flow, without a hint of foaming or liquid separation. SOMA SINUS SODIAL ® pumps feature tremendous priming capability at low noise levels.

A smooth, even flow maintains product stability and ensures higher dosing accuracy.

The SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pump can be designed to be ATEX compliant if required. In addition, all built-in spare parts are FDA compliant and/or EG 1935-2004 certified. Various types of products can be further processed by means of (optional) heating and cooling.


All standard spare parts of the SOMA SINUS SODIAL® pump can be replaced by the operators of the plant themselves, without having to remove the pump from the plant. This saves both costs and downtime during production.

It is also possible to clean the pump in the installed condition by manual or CIP/SIP cleaning. Due to this, maximum hygiene is guaranteed.

The nozzles can be adapted to the existing piping system. Replacement of wear parts is possible on site without having to disconnect the system piping from the pump. This ensures that production can be maintained.

The direction of rotation of the pump can be adjusted clockwise or counterclockwise, thus providing 100% flexibility.

To ensure optimum efficiency and minimize energy costs as well as pump wear, the pump size must be precisely matched to the process requirements.

Benefit from our decades of experience and extensive know-how in the field of and get free advice from our experts.

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